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In 1901, Joan Agustí de Riu purchased a locksmith business for his son Bartomeu that had been begun in Olot in 1876 by Rafael Casanova.

Over time, Bartomeu and his son Joan gradually replaced production and processing with the marketing of metallic pieces.

The changes to the range of products and the progression of their activity gradually turned the company into the Manxa we know today.

Manxa's third generation is still committed to providing solutions to industrial, metallurgical and construction clients through two businesses, Manxa Industrial and Manxa Ferros. They also continue the family tradition in their Manxa retail shops.

The Manxa Group sponsors me through annual financial aid that allows me to optimise my preparation for my competitions









 The group La Finestra sul Cielo was born in Italy in 1978 with the objective of supplying high quality organic food and produce products that improve the spirits of consumers and the environment. In 2003 La Finestra sul Cielo comes to Spain, with the same philosophy as its predecessor, is responsible for selecting the best green products and market them in Spain, Portugal and South America.

They strive daily to ensure the best flavor and maximum comfort and thus the preparation of all its products do not use sugar, no milk or egg. All products of La Finestra sul Cielo have undergone an exhaustive choice of components and they all come from organic agriculture. In the development of organic food they ban using chemical and synthetic substances in their treatment (insecticides, pesticides, herbicides ...) and only use techniques of natural and eco-friendly farming, free of GMOs, preservatives, dyes and chemicals hydrogenated fats. In addition, all items used, from the seed to the final product, are certified by an inspection body officially recognized. That is why when choosing a product of La Finestra sul Cielo you can be certain that it meets all of these requirements and has been created for your comfort.

Through its products La Finestra sul Cielo help me to optimize my performance in physical exercises and competitions giving me all the energy required.




JPS English School is an English-language school in Olot's city centre. It first opened its doors on 17 May 2010 in order to facilitate the high-quality study of English according to each student's needs.

Jesús Porras Santana heads and manages the JPS English School, bringing all his experience to bear with the sole aim of conveying his knowledge directly and effectively.

In brief, JPS English School is your English school, the school where you'll bring your desire to learn and successfully master the language that is the main vehicle for communication around the world today.

JPS English School collaborates by managing the English translation of this website.







Official grants


Due to all the sporting successes I have achieved, I appear in Spain's Official State Gazette (BOE) as a high-level athlete, I form part of the ADOP plan, managed by the Spanish Paralympic Committee, and I am also considered a High Performing Catalan (ARC) athlete by the Government of Catalonia, which allows me to take advantage of the grants awarded by both organisations.  

Image which shows sponsors logos MANXA, La Finestra sul Cielo and JPS English School already have joined at XP Project and Paralympic as official organization.