The minimum A is closer to Xavi Porras. The ticket to Rio de Janeiro is in the offing for the Catalan, who again and despite of the rain and adverse weather conditions demonstrated that he wants to be in his fourth Paralympic Games.

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The jumper, who played the XVIII Meeting Basauriko Probak this weekend, one of the events to highlight in the calendar of adapted athletic, flew up to 5.94 meters. And even though the target resisted, he had "good feelings", "especially in the first jumps", but then were complicated because of the heavy rain.

But the athlete does not throw in the towel. Next week he will have a new opportunity to get the minimuum, set at 6.16 meters. It will be in Valencia, in one of the tracks where Xavi has his best memories because it's where he achieved his best record (6.31 meters), so his hope is the last thing to go: "I know I'm about to get the minimum. I know I'm ready to get it, but it's being hard", said Xavi.

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