8th edition of the l'Hospitalet's International Paralympic Athletics Meeting

First outdoor competition of the season for Xavi Porras. And with good sensations.

The Catalan athlete took part in the 8th edition of the International Paralympic Athletics Meeting of l'Hospitalet. Xavi, on his participation in the long jump test, achieved to obtain the minimum mark to be in Lyon in July. His 6.06 allowed him to compete in the next World Championship.

On the other hand, the athlete of Olot also participated in the test of the 100 meters. Xavi stopped the clock at the 11.94'', but that was not enough to achieve the minimum mark for the French event. Martin Parejo, his closest rival at the moment, did a 11.89'' mark. After the competition, Xavi's feelings where positive and he could bring good results back home. The only negative note has a name: Enric Martin, Xavi's guide, he suffered a knee injury which will prevent him to participate in the 4x100m relay state. Xavi and Enric are now waiting for the definitive diagnosis of the injury.

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