Nuestro atleta ha participado esta mañana en el 7º meeting ISS de Hospitalet reencontrándose con las marcas a las que estaba acostumbrado en el salto de longitud.

This morning, Xavi participated in the seventh ISS meeting in L’Hospitalet, where he got the kinds of results in the long jump to which he is accustomed. Xavi was competing at home with the support of his friends and family and did not disappoint, turning in a magnificent performance by completing his best jump at 6.16m and breaking six metres on two occasions. His other two results to highlight are 6.00m and 6.12m, whilst 6.12m and 6.16m both clear the minimum for an automatic (A) berth at the London Olympic Games. On a negative note, Xavi was disqualified from the 100m for a false start.

Imagen de Xavi compartiendo el podio con el resto de participantes

As Xavi said, “It is always a pleasure to compete on the same track where I train every day. I was feeling really good and knew that I could surpass the 6.06-metre minimum to get an A berth at last!

I needed to jump past 6m, and now I certainly have much more confidence to face the next tests. The false start bothered me a little because I was very happy after the jumps and I really felt like running, but they say there is a first time for everything and it was my turn for that today”.

From now on, the athlete will be getting ready for the Championship of Spain on 9 and 10 June in Basauri.

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